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  1. It is expected of all the learners to keep our school’s name high on and outside the school grounds.

  2. The school banner, school flag and national flag must be treated with the necessary respect.

  3. Parents who are visiting the school must enter through the main front gate and report to the secretary. No parents are allowed to talk to a teacher during class time. Please make an appointment.

  4. Learners must always show the necessary respect towards teachers and parents. If a learner fails to do so, it will be recorded and parents and teachers will be informed of the incident.

  5. Close communication between parents and teachers must take place at all times. Parents will be notified immediately when a learner misbehaves in class, on the sports field or during any school activity.

  6. No learner is allowed to open an outside door, which is locked, for any person.

  7. Learners who are late for school in the morning must report to the secretary. Our gates close at 08:00.  Learners who are late regularly will be given a detention.

  8. Mount Pleasant learners who use public transport must behave themselves at all times. They are not allowed to run around, use bad language or fight while waiting for their transport to arrive. They must keep our school’s name high.

  9. Good behaviour is expected during assembly. It is forbidden to speak or whisper during assembly. No learner is allowed to whistle or boo the speaker/presenter.
    Learners are not allowed to run in the hall or school building. We always walk in orderly fashion, quietly and in line in the passages. 

  10. Learners walk on the left side in the passages. They must move quickly and quietly and stand in line in front of their classrooms. School bags must be carried in the right hand.

  11. No suitcases may be left in the passages during breaks. If it is raining during break, the learners remain in the classroom and move to the next classroom after break. Learners may put their suitcases, if permitted, in their next classroom when it is wet outside.

  12. Learners may not be inside the classroom or school building before school or during breaks. If a learner needs to stay in the classroom during break for any reason, the teacher must be present.

  13. Learners may not play, be noisy, throw water at each other or misbehave in classrooms.

  14. On rainy days, learners must stay inside their classrooms. Learners may go to the tuck shop and toilet with permission.

  15. Learners are not allowed to visit other classrooms or be in the passages.

  16. Learners may not leave property or stationary in the classrooms. It becomes an excuse to fetch forgotten property.

  17. Learners may not enter a classroom without permission of the teacher.

  18. If learners damage school property, even accidentally, his/her parents will be notified and repairs will be at the cost of the parents. Learners may not scratch, draw or write on the school desks, furniture, floor, walls or school property. If a learner sees another learner doing it, he/she must report it immediately.

  19. No chewing gum is permitted on the school grounds.

  20. Learners must not leave money in the classrooms. Valuable items must be left at home. If any learner disobeys this rule and brings these items to school, he/she does so at their own risk.

  21. CD-players, MP3-players or any other electronic devices must be left at home.

  22. All books must be covered with plastic at all times.

  23. Learners who leave the school during the year must return all school property, e.g. textbooks, to the school before they do so.

  24. If a parent requests that a learner must stay in at break because of an illness, the parent must send a letter to the class teacher.

  25. No dangerous objects, like knives or sharp pointed scissors, may be brought to school. Only blunt point scissors are acceptable.

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22 October 2017