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  1. As soon as the bell goes, at the beginning of a school day and at the end of break, all learners must stand in their lines. The learners are not allowed to speak, eat or drink in their lines. After two minutes the second bell will ring. By this time the learners MUST be standing quietly in their lines.

  2. No learner is allowed to leave the school premises without permission during school hours.  Permission may only be given by the principal.

  3. Learners are not allowed to receive any item, e.g. sweets, juice etc. from any person outside the school grounds or over the school fence.

  4. Learners are not allowed to sell items like sweets etc. at school, unless they have permission from the principal.

  5. If a learner is absent from school, it must be reported to the secretary via phone or letter before 08:30.

  6. When a learner returns to school after being absent, he/she must hand a letter of explanation from their parents to the appropriate teacher.

  7. No learner may ride a bicycle, rollerblades, skateboard or any other similar items on the school grounds.

  8. Learners may not damage any property of a fellow learner. They may not hide a school bag or property of another person, even if it is meant as a joke.

  9. Learners are forbidden to play with or misuse elastic bands, because they may shoot and hurt each other. When a learner brings a poster to school, the poster must be tied with a piece string instead of using an elastic band.  Learners are not allowed to use “pea shooters”, throw stones, acorns or any other object, or play and hit each other with sticks.

  10. Learners are not allowed to remove their shoes during break.

  11. earners may not play games where they can get hurt or where school clothes can get ripped. No hardball games may be played.

  12. Only touch rugby and other ball games, as decided by the principal, may be played during break time. No tackle rugby may be played during break times.

  13. Only girls who play defender and goal shooter are allowed to practise netball goal shooting at break. Their coach must give permission for them to do so. Boys are not allowed to play netball with the girls.

  14. Every grade must spend break in their designated area.

  15. No learner may come closer than 1 metre of the school boundaries or fences.  This rule is for the safety of the children.

  16. No valuable items or toys are allowed at school. The school does not accept responsibility for the loss of any valuable items or toys.

  17. Any item that gets picked up must be handed in to the secretary.

  18. If, at any time, a learner has a complaint about another learner, or sees that a learner is breaking a school rule, it must be reported to the class teacher or the teacher who is on break duty. No learner is allowed to take another learner to the principal.

  19. No learner is allowed to have cigarettes, matches or any other smoking items in his/her possession or bring it to school for any reason. Any addictive substances are strictly forbidden.

  20. No learner is allowed to bring pornography, alcohol or any illegal / addictive substances to school. Any learner who breaks this rule will be severely punished.

  21. Fighting, swearing, stealing, harassment or any other similar behaviour is forbidden.

  22. The following behaviour is strictly forbidden: littering, breaking of plants, damaging of bathrooms or any form of vandalism.

  23. Learners may not climb over the fences or in trees. Only Mini Mountie and grade R learners may climb in the trees in their specific play areas.

  24. It is the duty of every learner to help keep our school grounds neat.


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22 October 2017