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The use of cell phones is forbidden on our school premises as well as in any school vehicle or on school outings.  If a learner wants to bring a cell phone, it must be switched off at all times and the parent must get permission from the principal. 

If a cell phone is found switched on, it will be confiscated and his/her parent will have to fetch the cell phone from the office. 

The parent must make an appointment with the principal to retrieve the cell phone.  The learner will receive an automatic detention.

We have a public coin telephone which may only be used with permission from the secretary.  In case of an emergency, learners may make a call from the office at R2.00 per phone call.

We have pioneered the WhatsApp Broadcast system where parents and guardians are kept up to date as required with regard day-to-day activities including sport cancellations or event information.

If a learner must take a cell phone on a sport outing, the parents must make timeous arrangements with the coach who will follow the correct channels.



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22 October 2017