Laerskool MOUNT PLEASANT Primary School
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  1. No jewellery, such as rings, bangles, bracelets, armbands,  chains, belly rings, toe rings, tongue rings    etc.   will be allowed.  

  2. Girls may wear one golden or silver stud/sleeper in each earlobe.

  3. No learner is allowed to colour his/her hair.

  4. Boys’ hair may not touch their ears or the collar of their school shirt. They may only cut their hair in standard trim. No other hair styles are allowed.

  5. Girls' hair must be tied neatly with a maroon, white or black ribbon or elastic band. If a girl's fringe touches her eyebrow, it must be tied back and not tucked in behind the ear. Hair touching the collar must be tied up. All hair accessories must be maroon, black or white.

  6. Learners may not have any tattoos or any form of writing on their bodies.

  7. Nails must be cut neatly and no cutex (on nails or toenails) or make-up will be allowed. Remember that your feet and toenails are visible during sport and Phys Ed.

  8. Clothes must be neat and tidy at all times. No untidy appearance will be tolerated.

  9. Inspection of nails, hair and shoes will be done on a regular basis.

  10. School blazer may not be worn with your tracksuit pants.


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22 October 2017