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Mount Pleasant Primary endeavours to create opportunities for learners to develop their leadership potential.


Towards the end of each year, prefects are elected from the Grade 6 group through votes received from learners, as well as the teachers. These prefects attend a leadership camp which promotes teamwork and leadership qualities.

The prefects are assigned duties which include maintaining discipline in the passages, on the playgrounds and at the tuck shop. They also assist the teachers in the classrooms during break times on rainy days.

From the group of prefects, head leaders are elected, who give report backs every week during our assembly meetings.

Library Monitors

Monitors are appointed each year to assist within the library. The monitors work hard and are an essential help in the general running of the library.

Traffic Control Monitors

Learners are chosen from the Grade 6 class every year to ensure safety on our road inside the school every morning before school. Our learners receive training from the traffic department, as well as the equipment needed to perform their task.

Computer Centre Monitors

Learners showing an aptitude for technology and accountability are selected to assist with all things within the centre and will be utilised to assist other learners during project research.

Tuckshop Monitors

Monitors are chosen to do duty in the tuckshop. Here they serve learners during break times.

Mountie Awards

A maximum of two children per class, who perform well academically or show positive behaviour, are rewarded every second week, by receiving a Mountie Award certificate during our formal assembly meetings.

Merit Awards

Outstanding behaviour inside and outside the classroom is encouraged and rewarded in the form of Merit badges. Any Grade 4 – 7 learner, who has received no more than 2 “Level One” transgression entries in the class disciplinary file throughout the term, receives a merit badge.

The different terms are distinguished by different colour badges:
Term 1 = white
Term 2 = green
Term 3 = maroon

In the fourth term, learners who have received a maroon badge qualify for a certificate at prize giving.


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22 October 2017